Zeiss AntiFOG Spray Kits are Now in Stock!


Foggy glasses? Not fun! Say goodbye to smudged spectacles with our newest product – affordable, effective Zeiss AntiFOG spray!

We know that there’s almost nothing as annoying as foggy lenses. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we now carry a range of the popular Zeiss AntiFOG spray to help keep your lenses crystal clear even in the most humid situations. Learn more about our new anti-fog spray below or visit our site to order yours today.

What is Zeiss AntiFOG Spray?


Whether due to that hot drink, a steamy kitchen or overly humid weather, lens fogging is an annoying problem that every spectacle-wearer has to experience at some point – or is it? What if there were a way to prevent foggy glasses? Now, there is!

Zeiss AntiFOG spray is your solution to foggy glasses. It’s an anti-fog coating that works quickly to remove and prevent water droplets from causing fog on your lenses, leaving you with crisp, clear vision. Best of all, the patented solution isn’t just for everyday eyewear – you can also use it for sports goggles, sunglasses, helmet visors, computer glasses, protective eyewear and even camera lenses.

How to use it


Each application of Zeiss AntiFOG spray offers up to 72 hours of haze protection. The process itself is simple, gentle and won’t damage your Zeiss lenses and glasses. Applying Zeiss AntiFOG spray is as easy as one-two-three.

Step One: Wipe both sides of your lenses with a soft cloth or cleaning wipe to remove particles.

Step Two: Moisten the cloth with a few pumps of Zeiss AntiFOG spray.

Step Three: Rub the cloth over both sides of the lenses until they are completely dry and streak-free.

How does it work?


To understand how anti-fog spray works, you have to know why lenses get foggy in the first place. Here’s how it works.

The air is full of fine droplets of water, which isn’t a huge issue until sudden climate changes cause different temperatures on each side of your lenses. This could be anything from opening a warm oven or sipping a hot drink (thus causing the outside of your lenses to heat up) to walking out of your warm house while it’s cold outside (thus causing the outside of your lenses to cool down).

As water droplets gather on your lenses, they combine to create a foggy obstruction that makes it much harder to see. Anti-fog products create a thin layer or coating on the glasses so water droplets can’t adhere to the surface and cause a fog.


Benefits of Zeiss AntiFOG Spray


So, why choose this brand of anti-fog protection? Zeiss is a reputable provider of various vision products. Their AntiFOG spray offers benefits such as:

  • Easy and quick application. Simply spray the solution on both sides of your lenses and rub until dry for instant relief from fog.
  • Cost-efficient. Anti-fog spray is a cheaper alternative to investing in anti-fog glasses, and Zeiss’s long-lasting spray makes it more cost-efficient than ever.
  • Clearer vision. Crystal clear sight not only limits your frustration but can also increase your safety. Foggy glasses, goggles or visors can be dangerous if you’re driving, playing sport or operating machinery.
  • 72 hours of fog-free sight. Zeiss AntiFOG spray offers an amazing 72 hours of fogless sight. This means fewer applications and more time focusing on more important matters.

Do away with foggy lenses today – shop our range of Zeiss AntiFOG spray.