David Shanahan Optometrists is a ZEISS-Partnered Practice

Because we know the more precise the eye test, the better the pair of glasses.

The name ZEISS is synonymous in the optics industry as a world leader in lens quality and in providing the best technology for practices such as ours around the world.

Zeiss is internationally recognised as a world-leading technology organisation innovating the optics and optoelectronics industry. 

Working in partnership with David Shanahan Optometrists since 2017, our practice has utilised ZEISS’ latest eye testing technology to ensure a completely new visual experience for our clients and ultra-precise results in the testing room.

Optometrist and practice owner David Shanahan says his practice has invested in high-quality German-made ZEISS instruments to achieve excellent results during the eye examination.

“ZEISS is the gold standard when it comes to optical lens technology,” he said.

“This technology allows him to make the high-precision measurements he requires to provide clear spectacle correction for his clients.

“This technology allows me to make the high-precision measurements I require to provide clear spectacle correction.

“In our partnership with them, we ask ZEISS to make the spectacle lenses and fit them to your spectacle frame of choice to ensure you will get great clear sharp vision with your new pair of glasses.”

Improved Eye Health and Risk Minimisation

ZEISS lenses provide a wide range of benefits that effectively enhance ocular outcomes while minimising risks to eye health. Through extensive research and clinical studies, ZEISS has demonstrated its lenses’ ability to improve visual acuity and address specific vision concerns. One noteworthy area of success lies in the realm of trifocal intraocular lenses, where multiple studies have showcased remarkable advancements in near, intermediate, and distance vision for patients utilising ZEISS lenses. These findings provide strong evidence for the efficacy of these lenses in enhancing visual clarity across various focal points.

ZEISS has also extended their expertise into myopia management, an increasingly prevalent concern. With the production of specialised myopia management lenses, ZEISS has taken significant strides in combating the progression of myopia. By leveraging their expertise, ZEISS lenses have been found to potentially reduce myopia progression by an impressive 60-80% when detected and addressed at an early stage. These lenses work by skillfully focusing sight to counteract the elongation of the eyeball that contributes to the development and exacerbation of myopia. By actively tackling the underlying causes of myopia, ZEISS lenses play a pivotal role in mitigating its advancement and preserving visual well-being.

ZEISS lenses excel in providing enhanced clarity and comfort. They consistently outperform other lenses in terms of visual clarity, lens flatness, and reduced thickness. These elements result in better visual performance, reduced distortions, and improved satisfaction for the wearer. With a personalised approach, ZEISS lenses cater to individual needs, addressing refractive errors and offering specialised solutions for myopia management. By consulting with David Shanahan, who is experienced with ZEISS, individuals can make informed decisions about their visual health, benefiting from advanced technology and personalised lens options.

ZEISS SmartLife Spectacle Lenses

An innovative, modern product catering to the visual needs of today’s customers, regardless of their age. Whatever your age, you must deal with the visual strain that is part of this digital lifestyle. See clearly and stay sharp all day long, with wide fields of view ​across all distances and in all​ directions to improve your clarity of vision.

SmartLife Spectacle Lenses are custom-made to specifically cater to your lifestyle choices, work environment and age to provide you with ultra-precise visual results.

Single vision lenses

Optimises single-vision lenses for both far and near distances based on a three-dimensional, object-space model. Delivers improved optical performance for your customers with larger, clear fields of view.

  • ZEISS Single Vision SmartLife
  • ZEISS Single Vision SmartLife Individual

Digital lenses

Provides a smoother transition into the lens periphery with less blur perceived by the customer. This enables peripheral vision in natural dynamic interaction with less perceived eye strain.

The design is geared toward ZEISS SmartLife Progressive Lenses for an easier transition into the later progressive lens vision.

  • ZEISS Digital SmartLife
  • ZEISS Digital SmartLife Individual

Progressive lenses

Zeiss’ varifocal lenses offer a smoother transition into the lens periphery with less blur perceived by the customer. This enables peripheral vision in natural dynamic interaction which allows smooth vision from near to far across all viewing zones.

  • ZEISS Progressive SmartLife Pure
  • ZEISS Progressive SmartLife Plus
  • ZEISS Progressive SmartLife Superb
  • ZEISS Progressive SmartLife Individual

Zeiss iProfiler plus

Our optometrists David and Mark have invested in the Zeiss iPofiler for usage in the testing room.

Zeiss and our practice believe the most accurate lenses can only be prescribed when you have all the relevant information about a patient’s eyes, and this is achieved with machine’s such as the iPofiler.

The machine ZEISS iProfiler plus features a high-resolution wavefront measurement and corneal topography, providing our optometrists with all the necessary data to fully evaluate the refractive status of your eyes.

The high-resolution Hartmann-Shack wavefront sensor measuring 1500 points across a 7-millimetre pupil aperture allows us to the eye in greater detail, providing you with better results in your spectacles.

Zeiss estimates this machine results in a 50% reduction in chair time for subjective examination, due to accurate starting data generated by ZEISS iProfiler.

Zeiss Clarus 

The Zeiss Clarus is an ultra-widefield retinal camera that provides True Color and high resolution across an entire ultra-widefield image.

This next-generation fundus imaging system from ZEISS allows our optometrists to use colour to our diagnostic advantage, delivering you more accurate results.

ZEISS CLARUS generates images that closely resemble the colouration of the fundus as seen during a clinical examination. Colour fundus imaging can aid in the diagnosis and documentation of ocular disease, ensuring confidence when evaluating the optic disc, nevi and lesions where colour is important.

It captures clear and accurate images from the macula to the far periphery. Early indications of disease can often be subtle and difficult to see through direct observation or low-resolution fundus imaging.

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