Comprehensive Eye Test

As an independent practice, eye care is our utmost priority. David Shanahan has combined experience of over two decades and strives to give patients the highest quality eye care possible. We utilise the latest technology including retinal photography, corneal topography, threshold visual fields analysis and Digital microscope photography. Continued commitment to investment in the latest cutting edge technologies allows us to detect and treat conditions such as Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma and Diabetes.

360° Eye Care is a philosophy by which David approaches each eye test, taking his time to find a precise visual solution tailored to your needs. David takes up to 45 minutes with every eye test which ensures you have thorough and comprehensive results.

David also has a number of auxiliary services and tests available such as CASA accredited aviation examinations, Colour vision testing and Dry Eye Testing and Treatment. He is also seeing an increasing numbers of patients for digital eye strain.