Dry Eye Treatment

What is Dry Eye Syndrome?

Dry Eye Syndrome is a problem affecting approximately 30% of the population and is characterised by insufficient tears. Dry eye can afflict anyone of any age, but is more common as we age and produce a smaller volume of tears. Menopause and excessive computer use can also cause symptoms to surface earlier.

Dry Eye Treatment

Our optometrists offer the latest research based treatments for dry eye including IPL (Intense Pulse Light) therapy and BlephEx treatment.

IPL therapy utilises infra-red light of a specific wavelength to target inflamed vessels in the eyelids, shutting them down. These vessels – called telangiectactic vessels – are familiar to anyone with acne rosacea, and look like tiny spider veins. They are bad news for dry eye, as they invade the eyelid margins and consequently inflame the important oil-producing glands of the eyelids – the meibomian glands.

BlephEx is a hand-held device applied to the eyelid margins to assist in treating dry eye. It utilises a spinning surgical-grade sponge tip applied with an exfoliating solution to remove biofilm and debris. BlephEx treatments leave the eyelid margins clean and comfortable and can provide instant relief to patients affected with dry eyes. BlephEx was developed by American Ophthalmologist James Rynerson in 2013.

BlephEx treats dry eyes caused by a build up of hardened film on the edge of the eyelids called Biofilm. It doesn’t naturally go away and gets thicker with age. It can occur earlier in contact lenses wearers and allows bacteria to build up in numbers, triggering inflammation in the surrounding tissues. This is called blepharitis, and causes symptoms such as itching, irritation and dry eyes.

Our optometrists has found great success with IPL therapy & BlephEx treatments in conjunction with other treatment methods.

What are the symptoms of Dry Eye?

  • Stinging
  • Burning
  • Redness
  • Occasional blurred vision
  • Itchiness (particularly in the corners of the eyes)
  • Tired eyes (a feeling like you need to close the eyes)
  • Mucus around the eyelids, particularly upon waking
  • A feeling of grittiness, or the sensation of something foreign in the eye (like an eyelash or a grain of sand)

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