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David Shanahan is a highly accomplished Optometrist with twenty five years experience practicing Optometry in Ireland, England and Australia. 360° Eye Care is a philosophy by which David approaches each eye test, taking his time to find a precise visual solution tailored to your needs. David takes up to 45 minutes with every eye test which ensures you have thorough and comprehensive results.

David also has a number of auxiliary services and tests available such as CASA accredited aviation examinations, Colour vision testing and Dry Eye Testing and Treatment. He is also seeing an increasing numbers of patients for digital eye strain.

David has completed additional post graduate training in diagnosing and treating ocular health conditions. He employs the latest 3D ocular imaging technologies allowing him to deliver an extensive consultation.

David is a leader in both theory and practice of new equipment and techniques. In 2014, David became the first primary care Optometrist in Perth to contract with Heidelberg Engineering. This allowed him to be supplied with state-of-the-art laser imaging equipment used for assessing the health of the eye. Research has shown this equipment can detect eye diseases such as glaucoma up to 5 years before our other tests.

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