Anne et Valentin

In the  town called Toulouse in the south of France, two opticians dreamt to create something they could not find. Working as both opticians and creators, the couple engineered a eyewear range named Anne et Valentin that combines savoir-faire with an equal mix of respect and anti-conformism.

“‘Made in France’ is a moral commitment”

– Anne et Valentin

Meticulously handcrafting each frame by hand ranging from acetate to titanium, Anne et Valentin has a total understanding and commitment to the frame creation process. Whether that be from the designing and assembling the frames or the marketing and distribution, Anne et Valentin has been working together with local French eyewear engineers to develop a purely independent and unique line of eyewear ever since is founding in 1981.

For the crafty, the serious, the self-confident and the free-spirited: Anne et Valentin works to create noble and radical eyewear in which you are delighted to be yourself.

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