ic! Berlin

ic! Berlin designs and produces handmade screwless glasses and sunglasses in their own Produktion Haus in Berlin. Each and every frame features a one-of-a-kind screwless hinge, meaning there’s nothing to work loose or fall out.

No screws also means ic! Berlin frames can be broken down and rebuilt by hand, with no extra tools, in a matter of seconds (the current world record: 3.3 seconds).


The metal

ic! Berlin metal glasses are made of extremely flexible and lightweight 0.5mm spring stainless steel making them practically indestructible, yet soft enough to adjust by hand to achieve the perfect fit.

The acetate

Sheet metal was where it all started, but with acetate they were able to have some real fun. ic! Berlin acetate fronts and parts are each cut from a single sheet of premium cellulose acetate: no screws, glues or injections of performance enhancing substances.


A revolutionary, patented, interlocking hinge system means there are no screws to fall out or break. ic! Berlin glasses can be dismantled and reassembled in a matter of seconds. And because they use only the highest quality materials such as spring stainless steel, their eyewear is practically indestructible (this is not a challenge!).

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