In 2016, a Brazlian couple, Gisela Assis and Gustavo Assis, founded an authentic sunglasses brand born in Campinas, in Sao Paulo’s gorgeous countryside. They take inspiration from the artistic, picturesque landscapes of Brazil.

In addition to being rich in natural resources, the country also has incredible architects, furniture designers, painters, sculptors, and musicians.

In order to create their one of a kind designs, they make use of a combination of cutting-edge technology and precise handcrafting expertise. The frames are designed to play with volume, light, and shadow creating a sleek and refined appearance.

The production process is closely monitored to ensure that the quality of craftsmanship is always high. The brand’s founders were involved in every step of the product development process and oversaw how it was created and implemented.

Each frame undergoes a careful and intricate process to create a masterfully crafted product.

Fashion eyewear labels offer a variety of colours and styles that fit perfectly, whether they are bright and colourful or earth tones. Incorporating both modern lines and vintage elegance inspired by the beauty of Brazil. They are more than just a-frames, inviting people to express their individuality.

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