Pierre Eyewear is a French eyewear brand created in 2007. The frames are handmade, certified Made in France, in the tradition of a quality know-how. Its elegantly designed creations awaken and reveal your personality, through subtle color combinations and sophisticated design shapes.

Pierre’s values are above all:

-Dedication, with eyewear thought above all for the wearer and not confined to the design alone. Pierre often says:

“We prefer to see the wearer’s personality sublimated through our glasses, rather than a star design on a recessed face”.

-Accessibility to beauty through design, originality and made in France must be a luxury accessible to the greatest number.

-The application, the care and the work, with a permanent questioning of the designs, of the comfort of the wearing of the nose, of the work on the forms, the materials, the colors and the thicknesses.

-Independence, whether financial or artistic. Freeing oneself from trends, overused shapes and diktats is one of the brand’s primary objectives, and helping its customers to do the same in their daily lives with its products is Pierre’s dearest desire. He is convinced that eyewear should live first and foremost for the wearer and not to boast about the designer. One of his battles is to keep his models affordable, while keeping a French production. It is a brand that is dedicated and generous not only to its wearers but also to those who work on it and distribute it.


Since its inception, Pierre Eyewear has chosen to cultivate the historical and recognized know-how of French ateliers to continue to support a long chain of “small expert hands” throughout the production process. For a more responsible “Made in France” vision! Our collections are made in the tradition of a local quality production with noble materials and exclusive colors. More respectful, of better quality… Far from a simple fashion effect, French manufacturing is irrevocably a guarantee of quality and respect of social and environmental standards. This is why Pierre Eyewear is an integral part of the minority of die-hard eyewear designers who defend the made in France concept!

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