Jacques Marie Mage

J.M.M. is a design-centred luxury goods brand founded by Jerome Mage. Based in Hollywood, CA., Jacques Marie Mage specialises in the micro-production of premier quality, limited-edition glasses, sunglasses, accessories, and fashion for a clientele of discerning tastes.

Uninterested in abiding by present-day design conventions, their debut collections of inspired spectacles embrace a unique palette of precious materials, rich colours, and striking geometric forms. Collections that cleverly reference and beautifully reconfigure the artistic movements and world events of previous centuries.

Over the last two decades, Jerome Jacques Marie Mage has quietly shaped the direction of action sports & luxury product design. Moving to Los Angeles at the age of 20, the French-born designer opened his studio in 2001 and presently works with a varied and loyal clientele.

Known for his keen eye and sartorial flair, Mage’s latest venture, Jacques Marie Mage (J.M.M.), is a small-batch, limited-edition eyewear collection that reflects the designer’s matured vision and refined aesthetic vocabulary, one that boldly reconfigures influences ranging from Art Deco to American Folk to La Belle Époque.

At J.M.M., they delight in attempting to see through the eyes of artistic and intellectual giants that came before them. Their design practice is inextricably informed by the cultural revolutions of the last three centuries. It draws encouragement and inspiration from the great epics and anti-heroes of our collective histories. They attempt to observe, reconstruct, and re-tell these stories via products that maintain high standards of quality and taste.

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