Everyone who wears glasses knows how frustrating it can be having to clean them every time they fog up. Luckily at David’s, we have a simple solution that can prevent your glasses from fogging up for up to 72 hours. The AntiFOG spray from ZEISS is specially formulated to give spectacle wearers clear vision for extended periods of time.

At David Shanahan Optometrists, we are committed to providing everyone with quality eyecare, glasses and products. ZEISS is an international brand that pushes the limits in innovation and technology in optics, much like the other brands we select and provide at our shop. With the new ZEISS AntiFOG spray, you can rest assured that your spectacles can withstand fog for much longer compared to the average pair of glasses.

What makes spectacle lenses fog up?

Humidity creates condensation on the lenses through tiny droplets of water, forming a non-transparent surface. These droplets of water create a contact angle on the lens and the bigger the angle, the hazier your vision becomes. ZEISS AntiFOG spray creates a flat film on the lenses which deflects these droplets. By ensuring there is no contact angle, this stops your lenses from fogging up.

Using ZEISS AntiFOG Spray

To ensure the spray works optimally, we advise that you first clean both sides of your lenses with a cleaning cloth. Then, moisten the cloth by applying 1-2 sprays of ZEISS AntiFOG and spread evenly on both sides until the surface is dry. Using a cleaning cloth specifically for glasses ensures the process is quick and gentle, avoiding damages to the lens coating. Lenses do not need to be cleaned again within 72 hours – simply repeat the process when required to ensure maximum protection against fogging. Do not use this spray on contact lenses and keep away from children.

You can now enjoy clear vision all-year round and in any climate with ZEISS AntiFOG. The spray can also be used with coated sunglasses, snow goggles, helmet visors, aquatic goggles, protective eyewear and even camera lenses. Available now at David Shanahan Optometrists – contact us today for any further information.