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UN adopts global eye health and eye care resolution

August 27, 2021 4:22 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

The United National General Assembly has adopted a resolution committing 193 countries to ensure full access to eye care services for their populations and to make eye health integral to their nation’s commitment to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Vision loss is estimated to cost the global economy $411bn in productivity each year. It is estimated that the total economic cost of poor eye care and eye health in Australia is $16.6bn, or $28,905 per person with vision loss aged over 40.

Optometry Australia’s CEO Lyn Brodie said, ‘Optometry Australia is delighted that this important resolution has received the backing of the United Nations.

‘The vast majority of poor eye health and vision loss is preventable or treatable. The highly skilled Australian optometry workforce plays a critical role in supporting access to the eye care our population needs but, if we are going to meet the changing needs of our ageing population, our eye care system must evolve, including to utilise our optometry workforce most effectively.

‘I hope that the resolution, and the Australian Government’s support of it, will help support us to collectively have the discussions about how eye care in Australia needs to evolve if we are going to ensure timely eye care access across our communities,’ Lyn said.

In its recently released launched policy platform, ‘Working Together for Better Eye Care’, Optometry Australia raises concerns that Australia was not reacting fast enough to combat unnecessary vision loss and blindness within the Australian community because of lack of access to timely and affordable eye health care.

Lyn said, ‘It is incomprehensible that a wealthy nation such as Australia, continues to turn a blind eye to preventable vision loss within its population and that we continue to struggle with eye health issues that were identified a decade or more ago.

‘Optometrists must be allowed to work to their full scope of practice to be in the best position to support community eye health needs. However, the skills of Australian optometrists continue to be seriously under-utilised’, she concluded.

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