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I have worked in eyecare and optometry in Ireland, England and Australia for almost twenty years. I completed a Fellowship study in Optometry in Ireland and obtained a post-graduate qualification in Ocular Therapeutics from the University of New South Wales. I am therapeutically endorsed to prescribe and treat medical eye conditions. 

Along with this, I am also an ophthalmic examiner for pilots, credentialed with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) in 2012. I am the only optometrist in Perth that is able to provide Aviation Eye Examinations for civil aircrews and air traffic controllers!

In 2003 I opened my optometry practice in Fremantle with a very clear philosophy. I would provide the highest level of optometric eye care and precision eye testing. AND I would seek out and stock the best spectacle frames from the most inventive and creative designers and manufacturers around the world.

For almost 20 years now I have provided the highest standard of eye care to thousands of satisfied clients. I have strived to empower individuals by offering them personalised care combined with the latest innovations in eye care technologies, without compromising on style and aesthetics. 

My special area of interest is in solving unusual vision problems. This may involve people whose daily tasks include varying demanding visual requirements. For instance, Using twin or multiple computer screens, playing musical instruments with score sheets at various angles and hobbies such as shooting.

The major objective of my practice is to provide the best optometry service in Perth. I use the latest optometric technology when testing eyes, the German designed and manufactured Zeiss instruments. The more precise the eye examination, the better the pair of glasses. Zeiss engineered instruments and their resulting spectacle lenses allow me to provide precise comfortable vision.

Decision making around the Selection of glasses to stock involves not just choosing the most beautiful and individual frames, but thoroughly researching the company making them. We look at the beauty of their styling, the craft and skill level in the design and product and the faith the company places in their product, shown by the length of the warranty they give. I only stock glasses of the highest design and manufacturing principles. I am unapologetic when I say you will not find any mass-produced celebrity global designer brands in my store. These celebrity brands do not meet any of the criteria in our selection process. They are common brand names only, mass-produced in factories far from where they were originally designed. The companies I do business with are small independent manufacturers, WHO DESIGN ORIGINAL, beautiful GLASSES that will last. They are guaranteed for at least two years.

I’m proud to stand behind my philosophy of providing the very best in eye care and an outstanding range of individual, highly crafted spectacles.

               – David Shanahan

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