Myopia Control Soft Contact Lenses

Soft Contact Lenses specifically designed to slow down the progression of refractory conditions provide patients’ with clear long-distance vision when worn whilst simultaneously slow the progression of myopia in a patient’s eye.

How does it work?

The lenses work by fully correcting the eye’s central vision, giving the patient clear vision wherever they direct their eyes when worn. This is aided by the lenses lowering the correction of a patient’s peripheral vision, subsequently reducing the elongation of the eyeball. Eye growth is an essential component in the progression of refractive eye conditions such as myopia, so by reducing eye growth, the lens prevents eyesight from worsening.

When are they worn?

Soft lenses are worn during the day but need to be taken out for sleep. Fortunately, these lenses are easily removable and cleaning kits are provided to maintain healthy optical care. The lenses prescribed by David are disposable, designed to be replaced either daily or monthly depending on your prescription. Daily lenses are generally David’s first choice, as a new lens every day means there is less risk of microbial build-up. These lenses are well renowned for being comfortable, so you should be able to wear them for the entirety of the day without irritation.

What are the risks?

Soft Contact Lenses are a low-risk method of treatment. The lenses prescribed by David comprise variants of silicone-hydrogel which allows more oxygen to pass through the lens, giving the eye the ability to ‘breathe’. This reduces the risk of infection.

Precaution does need to be taken when handling these lenses, as they do tear more easily than typical contact lenses.

Why does healthy vision matter?

Preventing your eye from developing more serious variants of refractory conditions is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Untreated refractory conditions such as myopia put patients at a higher risk of developing optical health issues, such as retinal damage, cancer and blindness, later in life.

This is found to be especially significant in children, as a child’s ability to see has strong implications on helping them understand the world around them. Whether it is helping a child achieve the physical, verbal and cognitive developmental milestones at the right age, healthy eyesight is an essential function to typical development.

Fortunately, myopia control treatments such as soft contact lenses have been found to be effective in slowing down the progression of myopia and other refractory conditions, allowing you to maintain healthy eyes.

What are the alternatives?

Soft Contact Lenses may not always be suitable for every patient, David prescribes various other treatments to treat myopia. Myopia Control Treatments consist of a range of possible solutions outside of Soft Contact Lenses. Ortho-K is a common alternative treatment prescribed by David to treat myopia.


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