Your Summer Guide To The Hottest Sunglasses Styles of 2023

With so many sunglasses on the market, making a choice can be overwhelming. Even slight changes in a frame’s design can completely transform its look and feel. Your choice of sunglasses conveys a different impression to those around you, as well as a different view of the world from your perspective.

David Shanahan Optometrists stock a huge range of sunglass styles to suit any face or outfit. We only stock independent manufacturers that create unique, on-trend sunglasses out of premium materials, often meticulously handcrafted to ensure your frames are strong and durable. Each frame is made to last and we offer enhanced UV protection lenses to protect you from the harsh Australian sun.

If you’re in need of a new pair of sunnies but you’re stumped for choice, keep reading to learn about the different types of sunglasses styles available at our Fremantle store.


Jacques Marie Mage – Molino 55 (Colour: Highland)

You can always rely on the rectangle frame for a more traditional, refined look. Lenses on rectangle sunglasses can be either sharp or rounded, and they are wider than they are tall. Rectangle sunglasses offer a slight twist to more traditional frames like Wayfarers and are thus often associated with subtle elegance.

Large square-shaped sunglasses have a similar appearance however, rectangular sunnies are a softer alternative to these showier square frames and provide delicate angles to the wearer’s facial features, especially on round faces.

Jacques Marie Mage – Fatale

We stock rectangle frames in various designs, whether you’re searching for a sporty, vintage, casual, or formal attitude – David Shanahan has you covered. The Fatale range is thin-framed with coloured lenses for a vintage feel while the Molino 55 has a more robust frame and darker lenses that go well with a casual or formal look.


Moscot – Klutz

The Wayfarer sunglass style was popularised in the 1950s and 60s and have since remained a timeless classic. The Wayfarer has rounded lens frames and a horizontal bar that sits at the top of the nose. The frame’s upper corners protrude somewhat. In the front, they are usually flat and do not follow the lines of the face.

Masunaga Wayfarer – Violet

Wayfarers are a fashion statement. They go well with almost any outfit, skin tone or face shape. Wearing this style of sunglasses says to those around you that you like to keep things simple, but always stylish. In our storefront, you will find brands that offer slight changes in frame shapes and styles as well as coloured lenses so you can put your own unique twist on this classic frame. 


Jacques Marie Mage – Henry (Colour: Dahlia)

Round sunglasses are elegant and straightforward, come in thin or thick frames, and have plain or coloured lenses. They often give your outfit a retro feel. Round spectacles soften angular features, but suit any face shape!

Anne Et Valentin – Sofia

Round, thin-rimmed glasses have had a lasting fashion impact on everyone over the years, being worn by both men and women. Different variations of this style of frame offer a diversity of sizes and materials, but the lenses are always spherical. For a funky, vintage feel the Henry is perfect. For a sophisticated look, the Sofia is the go to.


Jacques Marie Mage – Solar

Since the U.S. Army Air Corps started wearing sunglasses with this design in 1935, aviator sunglasses have been a staple in almost every eyewear enthusiast’s collection.

The lenses of traditional aviators are reflective or smoky, usually with a thin metal frame. The huge teardrop lenses look stylish on almost any face shape. They were also made to screen the sun from all directions, which is why pilots used to wear them back in the day. So you can sun-bathe worry-free with extra UV protection.

Maui Jim – Castle (Colour: Chocolate)

Aside from the traditional shape, aviator-style eyewear is increasingly innovative exploring fresh and exciting design directions. Aviators are currently offered with modern acetate and metal frames in a range of colours and distinctive decorations, as well as vintage-style metal frames.


The 1950s saw a major resurgence of the browline (sometimes referred to as clubmasters) form of vintage sunglasses. Their style emphasises thick brows with sparse (or no) lower rims, giving the user a stylish edge. 

Jacques Marie Mage – Apollinaire

Brow bars on sunglasses have become popular in recent years. Any look is made more elevated by the addition of a second brow bar that rides along your brows. The brow bars seen on the majority of aviator frames inspired this style, but the shapes, sizes, and materials of the frames in this group vary. The Toledo has a more aviator feel to it whereas the Apollinaire sunnies more closely resemble your typical round sunglasses. 


Bollé – Bolt 2.0 (Colour: Ultraviolet)

Sport sunglasses have slim, slender lenses that taper at the temples for the adventure-seekers out there. The shape of this style means a pair of these sunglasses will stay on during any kind of activity – running, bike riding or even jet skiing.  Sports sunglasses are available in a wide variety of distinctive designs, frequently boasting a futuristic touch.

ic! Berlin – MB Shield

Sports sunglasses are a type of protective eyewear used to keep the eyes from becoming uncomfortable or becoming damaged by intense sunlight during long periods of outdoor activity. Both the ic! Berlin and Bolle Sport sunglasses protect from dangerous UV rays (as well as ultraviolet B rays) via high-quality UV blockers.


Keyhole Bridge

Jacques Marie Mage – Zephirin (Colour: Juniper)

The keyhole-shaped bridge of these eyeglass frames has two unique points that make contact with either side of the nose bridge, giving them their name. As opposed to other types of sunglass frames, keyholes sit on top of the nasal bridge.

Moscot – Miltzen (Colour: Citron Tortoise)

A pair of sunglasses with a keyhole bridge will often have a vintage vibe. Although they look excellent on everyone, this style of bridge is ideal for people who have a low nose bridge and require their sunglasses to stay in place.

If you’d like to find out more about the styles of Sunglasses we stock in our storefront give us a call now!