Colour Vision Testing

Does your occupation or trade depend on you being able to see or distinguish between specific colours? Have you been told you are “colourblind” because of failing one CV test? Colourblind-ness can refer to two different conditions affecting a persons’ ability to see colour. Monochromacy, where a person sees a very limited range of colour is extremely rare and affects approximately 0.00001% of the population. However, Colour Vision Deficiency (CVD) is more common & affects approximately 8% of men and 0.1% of women. They are not Colourblind, they can see colours, but may confuse colours or miss slight colour change depending on their level of severity.

There are a number of visual tests available online that can determine if you have a colour vision deficiency. However, our testing allows us to determine the exact nature of your condition and how it may affect the practical aspects of your employment.

We boast one of the most extensive ranges of CV testing equipment available in Perth. Performing a wide range of tests allows us to properly advise you on how your colour vision complies with the various industry groups including Aviation, Mining, Electrical, Rail Transport, Maritime and the Australian Defence Force.

The list of the colour vision tests we carry out includes:
1. Ishihara CV Test
2. Waggoner HRR CV test
3. Farnsworth D15 CV test
4. Farnsworth Lantern CV Test
5. LED Railway Lantern CV Test
6. Holmes Wright B Lantern CV Test
7. Medmont C100 CV Test
8. Electricity Supply Board CV Trade Test